Bernard's UK Antiques Trip Report 2015...

News from Molloy's of Milford

- Weather: So So

- Antique and Collectible Prices: UP!

- Availability of Quality Pieces: DOWN!

It was hard going, but we prevailed!

Persistence and fortitude have just about been exhausted on this trip.  We have scoured the UK from Cornwall, north to Wales and up to Yorkshire, and the borders of Cumbria and Durham, for anything different or unusual at reasonable prices.  The online sales fever has finally hit the UK and dealers and antique shops and centres appear to be finding it harder to secure good products.  We have therefore had to be very selective in choosing the right items at the right prices and I’m really ’chuffed’ that we have, in the end, got some really super pieces.  We have two superb rare old coaching horns; one is Georgian and the other early Victorian, circa 1840. These are 'The Real Deal’ and are not your common reproductions as usually seen. They are engraved with the route town they were used on and have the seamed joins one looks for in original coaching horns.  Other ‘stand out’ pieces include a Victorian ladies' muff in its original box, two beautiful Italian mandolins, circa 1895-1900, a British Mandolinetto, circa 1900, a German World War One fighting sabre, a circa 1860 Pin Fire Pistol, a bankers' lamp circa 1910, a gorgeous barn owl circa 1900-1920, a big lot of trench art aeroplanes and other trench art pieces, helmets and militaria, a good selection of Depression-era glass, taxidermy squirrels and a sparrow hawk, a boxed French carving set circa 1900, old plaster religious figurines, fab old pasta cutter machine circa 1900, vintage riding boots with elm boot tree inners, a pair of Art Nouveau candle sticks circa 1890-1900, and just so, so much more than is possible to mention here. This stock will be due in our shop by mid-August.
Enquiries always welcome.
Happy hunting!

Molloy's of Milford Antiques Centre Ltd, 2-162 Kitchener Road, Milford 09 488 7326 

By Bernard Molloy

Channel Magazine: Issuu 55 June 2015