ExceptioNails at Everlast

Sometimes it is the simplest things that have the greatest impact - a mother's touch is just one of those things. When you think, what the average mum does with her hands in one day, it’s not surprising that the elements of life can cause such havoc with their hands - with that in mind Suzy Cato created the concept ‘Hands That Heal’.

“Mother’s give so much energy to their families, and often don’t take care of themselves – the idea of Hands that Heal, is to provide a free 10 minute massage to mums in the mall, so that they get a little pampering in their day and give those hands a little TLC, ” says Suzy. "After all, they do need to soothe little souls!’ She adds.

Relying on volunteer massage therapists, the concept provides a tender touch to women with a simple hand massage. Massaging the hands is a quick and simple form of inducing either relaxation or boosting otherwise tired and worn out mums  – leaving them feeling happier and healthier and maybe a little smoother!

At the Milford Centre (just in time for Mother’s Day) they are offering this service with ‘A Mother’s Touch’ on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May  - so make time for your Mum, book her in and give her the gentle touch treat she so deserves!

By Channel Editorial
Channel Magazine: Issuu 54 May 2015