Say Cheese!

Those of you who are cheese-lovers may have found this little gem already, but let us give you the insider info…

David - aka nzcheeseman - may be putting roots down with a brand new boutique store in Milford, but…he is not new to cheese - particularly New Zealand Cheese.
Starting with the Takapuna market eight years ago, with the Evansdale Cheese range, the want for cheese grew.  And not just in the range of cheeses offered - Shore people kept asking for more! So the number of markets ‘the Cheeseman’ started frequenting grew….
Takapuna Sunday Market
Oratia Farmers Market
Parnell Farmers Market
Hobsonville Farmers Market and
Britomart Market, including various other community based markets.

So, there is a very strong chance (especially if you love cheese) that you know David already, and a very good chance that he will remember you if you pop into the store.

David’s heart has always been in food – harking from the fruit bowl of New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay, David trained as a City and Guilds Chef in the New Zealand Armed Forces, enjoyed travelling with his cooking, and after a few years in Singapore (‘Asian Fusion’ of course) he returned to New Zealand, where the restaurant trade beckoned. With a young family, he eventually decided to work more family friendly hours in various Sales and Marketing roles.  David couldn’t wait to get back into food however and after a chance discussion with Colleen from Evansdale cheese, while travelling the Caitlins in Southland, the curd was set, so to speak - the decision was made and he hasn't looked back.

The Cheese Room has only been in Milford since September, but he now has a beautiful hand-selected range of boutique New Zealand Cheeses, and they change with the season and what the cheesemakers are doing. David has becomes a dab hand with his selection skills, being sought out for this year’s New Zealand Specialist Cheese Association Champion of Cheese Awards as an Aesthetic Judge. Put simply, his role was to judge the cheese through your eyes, and testimony to that, he stocks a number of prize-winning cheeses.

Visit us at 146 Kitchener Road, Milford, say hi to David and he will include a little extra cheese in your next purchase.


By Channel Magazine

Channel Magazine: Issuu 54 May 2015