The Milford Watch & Clock Centre ‘Story’

The Milford Watch & Clock Centre ‘Story’


Did you know that Milford Watch and Clock Centre is one of the oldest businesses in Milford?

When I was talking with the current owners, Tim & Christina, they told me the business was started over 40 years ago by the original owner, Arthur Eckstein but then you also won’t know that Tim & Christina were going to celebrate 10 years ownership this year on the 1st April, but something called Covid-19 got in the way of those plans.

So, who are Tim and Christina.

Well, Tim is a Horologist – a qualified watchmaker – something of a rarity in this digital age. Tim used to work from 

home on watch & clock repairs and got to know Arthur as he did the overflow of Arthurs repairs, from his home workshop. Christina was a university graduate who started at Pascoe’s the Jewellers asa part-timer during varsity days. This job would turn into an 18 year tenure at Pascoe’s – 14 of them in managerial roles.

Now it just so happened that Tim called on Pascoes to get items to repair – and you can see where this is leading. The rest is history as they say! Tim & Christina married and had a son called Dominic and when the opportunity came to take over the business when Arthur retired in 2010, it just seemed a natural progression. What was even better, they lived locally, so it was a no brainer. Tim nowadays even assists the parking problems one associates with shopping centres, preferring to ride his motorbike to work rather than bringing a car.

Since then, Tim & Christina have become pretty well-known in MILFORD and built the business up to the stage where they now have two fully qualified female watchmakers working for them, part-time. Pop in and catch up with Debbie & Gaelle – they will be just as happy to see you as their bosses! It’s a friendly, helpful environment in the shop where you know they care and are knowledgeable about everything they do.

I have noticed a drop-off in places to get watches and clocks repaired and Tim mentioned that there are only 4 apprentice watchmakers in the whole of New Zealand at present. There has been no official apprenticeship program for the last 20 years – makes you think!

These old mechanical watches and clocks are just not going to disappear!

Service is what the business is all about with over three quarters of the sales for repairs of clocks and watches. Tim and Christina pride themselves on giving excellent customer service – so you can guarantee satisfaction and a top quality repair. However, if you are after a ‘real’ mechanical watch or clock, this is the only place to come to – 

MILFORD Watch & Clock Centre.

Collectables are starting to become popular and they have a great range for you to select from. Whether it be miniature collectable clocks or collectable watches, these guys are the specialists to advise you. Old Seiko & Citizen watches are coming back into vogue and Tim even has a Russian collectable watch amongst those for sale. He is also seeing oldclocks coming back into fashion and is always on hand to advise and repair.


Christina loves how the Milford Town Centre has evolved over the 10 years they have owned the business. She loves the unique owner-operator stores, the community-feel that exudes  and the changes to the street scape that have occurred with planting and the restoration of the street furniture. In Milford Rd, right beside their shop, she is looking forward to the completion of the MILFORD Bus Hub, with planters at the bus stops, new digital signage and the activation of the wall of Countdown, again with new planting the full length of the wall.

With 30 years experience in the industry for Christina and a massive 40 years for Tim, you can be assured that when you do business with them, you will be dealing with professionals. They pride themselves on aftersales service. As Tim said plainly to me – nothings a problem– we’ll sort it! You can guarantee that when you shop here.